What is DMARC used for?
Why implement it on your email domains?

What’s DMARC?

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) was created in response to a well-defined problem. The DMARC was designed by the biggest players on the web, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Microsoft…

The DMARC protocol is designed to align SPF and DKIM information in order to verify that the email has been sent by the right person. It helps reduce phishing, identity theft and other cyber-attacks.

C'est quoi DMARC ?

Why should you implement DMARC?

Implementing DMARC means protecting your organization against identity theft, phishing campaigns, or other cyber attacks against your email domains.

Verifying identity

Allows combined identification of all sources of identity :

  • FROM (Sender’s address displayed in the mail client)
  • MAILFROM (Actual shipping email address)
  • DKIM

Improving deliverability

Merox is a modular SaaS platform for monitoring and controlling cybersecurity oriented brand protection and messaging.

Implementing a DMARC policy allows you to improve the deliverability rate of your email marketing campaigns. 

Defining DMARC policies

The Merox solution allows you to define a policy for handling emails before they reach the inboxes of your customers/partners/employees and thus prevent identity theft and phishing (policies: none, quarantine, reject).

How does DMARC work? 

Today, emails are the preferred means of communication for companies and represent a real challenge. Email was created without any real protection, based on the SMTP protocol. This is why protection policies are intensifying over the years.

Without the implementation of a DMARC policy

Schéma sans implémentation de DMARC

With the implementation of a DMARC policy

Schéma implémentation d'une politique DMARC

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