Banking & Finance

In 60% of the cases of brand spoofing, it is the banks or payment providers that are targeted.

Banks or other financial organizations therefore have every interest in protecting themselves from advanced email attacks by implementing a DMARC protocol. This will protect customers as well as the organization’s employees.

Indeed, hackers target high-ranking employees who have access to sensitive information or systems. Attacks of this type can be very lucrative.

Implémenter une politique DMARC dans le secteur banque et finance
Surveillance DNS et DMARC dans le secteur de la santé


In healthcare, there are multiple regulations for the safety of patients and their health data.

Healthcare providers can therefore be the target of cyber attacks. In order to protect not only patients but also partners, employees and suppliers, it is therefore imperative to protect against phishing email campaigns.

Many healthcare organizations have no visibility into the emails that are sent on their behalf. Employees are therefore more vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks.


Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Today, cyber attackers are able to impersonate a specific person in a public or governmental institution. These so-called spear fishing attacks are becoming more and more dangerous.

While public entities are increasingly affected by these attacks. They must therefore take the necessary measures to protect themselves before encountering an attack. However, many public institutions use email systems that make it difficult to identify authorized or unauthorized senders.

Implémenter un protocole DMARC dans le secteur public
Surveillance DNS et DMARC dans le secteur de l'IT


Technology organizations must absolutely protect themselves against identity theft in order to protect their employees from potential phishing campaigns.

Phishing campaigns are large scale and generally follow the same pattern. This is because the recipient is alerted to an account compromise or a request to verify account ownership. These phishing campaigns generally refer to a site that is a carbon copy of the company’s site and allows the hacker to recover the user’s connection data.

Employees of IT organizations may be targeted by these campaigns in order to create a data breach.

Industry & Transport

Are you a player in industry and transportation? The security of your data is essential for your business. To protect your various collaborators and partners, you must take certain precautions.

Securing your email domain(s) is a first step towards protecting your employees and your organization.

Implémenter une politique DMARC dans le secteur banque et finance
Surveillnce DNS et DMARC dans le secteur du retail


Today, email is a widely used means of communication for the actors of the retail sector. Cybercriminals can send fake email campaigns that are similar in design to the organization’s email marketing campaigns. Once the recipient is trusted with this perfectly copied email, cyber attackers can retrieve sensitive information.

Employees of retailers are also targeted by phishing campaigns. These campaigns can take the form of fake supplier invoices, delivery notifications, or IT alerts. All of these attacks are aimed at redirecting to payment pages or obtaining employee login information.


Legal organizations are affected by different attacks than other organizations. Indeed, cyber attackers rely here on social engineering to recover data on recipients in order to create personalized emails.

The most common schemes are email campaigns for computer alerts, delivery notices, file sharing or any other correspondence from a trusted party that requires authentication.

Surveillance DNS et DMARC dans le secteur juridique


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