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DMARC report analysis

Merox’s DMARC report analysis brick provides a quick and complete visualization of the compliance with security standards for one or more domains and sub-domains. The DMARC policy and its protocol reinforce the SPF and DKIM policies and entries.

Increasing visibility

Thanks to DMARC technology, Merox gives you a complete vision of the use of your messaging domains. You will be able to strengthen your protection and warn your customers in case of phishing attempts by identity theft.

Defining policies

Allows you to define a policy for handling emails before they reach your customers/partners/employees’ inboxes to prevent identity theft and phishing (policies: none, quarantine, reject).

Generating alerts

Allows the administrator to be informed via DMARC failure reports generated by the recipients’ anti-spam servers and thus to identify phishing campaigns of which one is a victim (and thus better protect one’s clients/partners/employees).

Customized dashboards

Merox allows the creation of customized dashboards according to your needs. Adapt and choose the display of your data for more visibility.

Tableaux de bord personnalisés Merox
Visualisation des rapports DMARC

Generate detailed reports

Merox processes DMARC XML reports so that you can access detailed reports that allow you to quickly identify configuration or other problems based on your domains. You will also be able to configure weekly reports to arrive in your email inbox.

Improve your deliverability rates

The implementation of DMARC will increase the deliverability rate of emails sent from your domain names. Your marketing campaigns will be more likely to be considered as legitimate by the anti-spam of your customers and prospects.

Merox DMARC augmenter son taux de délivrabilité email
Sécurité email et politique DMARC

Refine and modify your DMARC policies

You are alerted as soon as an anomaly is detected : change of one of your NS or DNS entries, phishing attempt in progress… You can also confier at our SOC (Security Operations Center) for monitoring, analysis and remediation. This ensures rapid processing by our teams of experts.

Would you like to know more about the DMARC protocol?

Monitoring NS and DNS

We often think about protecting our services exposed on the Internet, but recently a large number of attacks have been targeted directly at companies’ public domain names.

Interface de monitoring DMARC avec Merox

DNS monitoring

The security of DNS records has become a priority in the fight against so-called “DNS Hijacking” attacks (an individual invisibly reroutes all or part of DNS entries – or even NS – to his or her own servers/services). Over the last few months, many state entities as well as hundreds of companies and organizations have been subjected to this type of attack.

Malicious acts are not only the cause of production stoppages and/or loss of data, sometimes a simple handling “error” can have serious consequences on the operation of a messaging system.

DNS monitoring

Merox provides full DNS monitoring via reports collected and processed in near real time (from several times a day to every 5 minutes) and any change/deviation detected will raise an alert.
Monitoring de vos DNS avec Merox
Backup et historique des enregistrements DNS

Backup & History

Merox will come to save and historize in an unlimited way the values/states of the entries under surveillance. In this way, current entries can be constantly compared with historical entries.

Monitoring and alerts

Checking entries is done at regular intervals several hundred times a day. This makes it possible to detect any illegitimate changes and generate alerts. It is then possible to pass this information to its SOC and investigate in depth to find out if the detected change is legitimate (unplanned operation, out-of-process subcontractor, compromised employees, employee error, hacking, etc.).

Visibilité des DNS avec Merox
Do you want to monitor your DNS? 

Monitoring the blacklisting of your domains

In case of bad configurations, or certain types of targeted attacks, an IP address can end up on a “black list” and have a significant impact on email deliverability.

Blacklisting monitoring

Blacklisting monitoring allows you to check, with recognized lists, whether an IP address is blacklisted or not. If it turns out that the address has been blacklisted, an alert is automatically issued so that the customer can take the necessary measures (e.g.: operator contact, transfer to the legal department, request for deblacklisting if illegitimate, notification of a regulatory authority, notification of the market regulator, etc.).

Our support in DMARC strategy and blacklist alerts allows us to significantly improve our clients’ deliverability and security.

Surveillance du blacklistage avec Merox

Monitor the blacklisting of your email domains